Other zipper brands

If your coat does not have a YKK zipper, some things have to be considered:

All zippers are not equal

There are plenty of zipper brands. At first glance zippers of the same type and size look the same. However, there are no common design standards. Each manufacturer has his own design, which differs in small details (longer/shorter insert pin, thicker/thinner teeth, different spacing of teeth). That´s why different brands are often compatible – but not always.

Beside that, you usually can not determine the manufacturer. Garment companies often brand their coats with their company´s name, but the zipper itself is a third party product.
Even if we can find out the zipper brand, there may be differences between the production batches. Only the zipper company YKK provides a contant quality and compatability of the zippers.

We provide adapters from different zipper brands. That´s why – despite all these uncertainties – we usually find a counterpart to your jacket´s zipper.
But for the technical factors described above, be prepared to accept minor differences…

What may happen

The zipper may:
– not move smoothly
– be wavy
– not be entirely covered

Sometimes you will have to combine 2 zip adapters, i.e. use 1 side of Adapter A and the other side of adapter B. You would then have to buy both, because zip adapters are like a pair of shoes and only make sense when they are complete.

adapters to try out


When you click “no YKK” we ask you some questions about your zipper. We will consult our database and will choose the right adapter. In case there are several adapters that might fit we will send you these additional adapters free of charge. If there is a chance that none of the zip adapters is compatible to your jacket´s zipper, then we also send you a sew-in adapter as well. It is plan B that always lets you use Kumja with your jacket.
You try at home and should return those that can not be connected to your jacket. Please note: the price for the test bundle includes only 1 adapter. You should return the remaining adapters within 2 weeks. We pay the shipping costs for returns within Germany. However, you will have to bear the costs for returns from your country if you live outside Germany. Thus, please be aware that there will be additional costs: you will either have to pay for the additional adapter(s) or pay shipping costs for it´s return.