How does it work?

Kumja is connected to your coat´s zipper. It adapts to all jackets that have a YKK zipper – and to most other brands too.

Zip adapter

The extension panel itself always has the same zipper. This zipper can not be connected to your jacket. You need a zipper adapter that specifically matches your coat´s zipper and functions as a bridge to your jacket. By changing the adapter you can use different jackets with the same extension.

Our adapter wizard finds the right adapter for you automatically when you order a jacket extension.


Does it work with my jacket?

We have zip adapters for all YKK zippers and for the majority of other zippers available on the market.

However, sometimes there is more than 1 adapter that might work and we cannot predict which one will actually fit. For german customers we then send test packages with free additional adapters. Adapters not needed can be returned postage-free. For foreign countries we can provide that service too if you bear the shipping costs for returns.

To avoid additional costs for returns we strongly recommend to choose jackets with YKK zippers.

Keep in mind that the sew-in adapter always is the quick alternative if finding a zip-adapter turns out to be difficult.