keep on wearing your own coats & jackets
Kumja - Jacket Extender
for Moms and Dads
for pregnancy and babywearing

What is Kumja?

Kumja is the alternative to buying a new maternity or babywearing coat. Keep on wearing your own jackets!


Good to know:

What kind of jackets can be used with Kumja?

Kumja may as well be used with short jackets or longer coats. For babywearing, longer jackets are more convenient, since they cover your baby´s legs, too. If your coat´s zipper is shorter than 70 cm, the extender is folded in and snapped in place using the buttons.

Can I also use a long overcoat with Kumja?

Yes. The extension is 70 cm long and starts with your coat´s zipper. Which is not always identical with the bottom edge, but is often slightly further up. Because of this, in most cases, the standard works well. If the zipper is longer than 75/80 cm, a "special adapter" might be better.

Connecting Kumja

The jacket extension is connected to your coat´s zipper.

There are a lot of zipper types. That is why the zip adapter goes between jacket and extender panel. The adapter is the bridge to your coat and is picked to fit your zipper. Usually, you need a specific zip adapter for each coat. You can change the adapter quickly to use different jackets.

Good to know:

How do I know which is the right zip adapter for me?

Just relax and take our adapter quiz! Click on "configure and order" and we will ask you some simple questions about your zipper. In the end, the right adapter is added to your shopping cart. In some cases, will will ask for photos and then decide.

How many adapters do I need?

There are so many different zipper types! Usually you will need 1 adapter for each jacket. You can use as many jackets as you like. Adapters can be ordered seperately anytime.

How many zip adapters do we have?

By now, there are over 100 different types! However, some adapters are much more common than others. Quite possibly one adapter might work with several jackets. If you can connect 2 or your jackets or coats with each other, on both sides, then you will only need 1 zip adapter.

Adjusting Kumja

The Kumja panel has a standard height and length, it is always 70 cm long (about 27.5 inches) and 25 cm wide (about 9.8 inches). These measurements work well with the huge majority of coat designs. That´s why you don´t need several panels for different jackets.

Instead, you adjust Kumja´s width and height. The cord unit can be put anywhere, it´s attached via velcro. You might also detach it completely.

In general, Kumja does not have to exacty match the length of the zipper.

In pregnancy

For maternity use, Kumja may well end 5-10 cm before your jacket´s zipper ends.

Is the panel longer, it is tucked in and fastened with the snap buttons on a convenient height. Bevore that, put the cord unity further down to make sure it is not placed in the fold.

If the panel is too short, you need a "special adapter" or a "coat adapter".

For babywearing

With a baby, Kumja has to just cover your little one´s head - fully or partly. Usually, the extension may be up to 15 cm shorter than your zipper.

For babywearing, you can remove the cord unity completely

If the panel is too short, you need a "special adapter" or a "coat adapter".